The Visions of Melodic Dreamer…JPRiZM is an indie pop/hip-hop/EDM, recording artist, producer, songwriter, rhythmic novelist, DJ from Boston. Inspired by an eclectic mix of musical influences the genre defying JPRiZM incorporates synthetic vibes of virtual worlds and fuses them with bump worthy beats of modernity. JPRiZM is known for his energetic performances as an MC and for his CMJ charting debut hip-hop LP Mindwalker, but he’s stepping into new territory in 2017, starting with his single “Heroin (My Love)” featuring Jennie.O. In every aspect of his art, he creates a world for listeners to explore, or even to get lost in. “I’d often lose myself in the melodies I would play and teleport myself into a faraway galaxy where everything was an adventure,” he says, describing his creative process for the tracks he’s preparing to unleash this year. Even the name JPRiZM expresses his adaptable, exploratory approach to making music. Like a prism, he reflects something different every time you look at him. His music—spanning every dimension on the spectrum from hip-hop to EDM to atmospheric—can and should be interpreted from many angles.  JPRiZM…an Ambassador to Curiosity.

Unbounded by convention and the expected, JPRiZM seamlessly weaves a cohesive flow of hip hop, indie pop and EDM into a concoction as multi-faceted, enjoyable and musically compelling as his name implies.

Treat your ears to a Mind Walk with the Ambassador to Curiosity.

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Chill hop producer and songwriter hailing from THE TOWN WHERE THE BEANS GROW, KNOBBS is known for infusing Jazz and Hip Hop forcing listeners into a realm of peace appealing to the forest dwellers and moon walkers. Influenced by the sounds of JDilla and Flying Lotus, KNOBBS hopes to bring a new light to the blossoming genre of space hop.

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