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Featured Artist: JPRiZM


1Listen to MiNDWALKER, the debut album from JPRiZM.  Available on Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, and everywhere music is heard, accessed and sold.

JPRiZM is an indie pop/hip-hop, recording artist, songwriter, rhythmic novelist, producer, DJ from Boston. Inspired by an eclectic mix of musical influences the genre defying JPRiZM incorporates synthetic vibes of virtual worlds and fuses them with bump worthy beats of modernity. Written and produced entirely by JPRiZM, MiNDWALKER (a 2014 top 50 college radio album) is a musical expression of human curiosity — a journey through a world of pop culture phantasm, unfazed lyrical imagination, and adventurous musical arrangement and sound exploration. Unbounded by convention and the expected, JPRiZM seamlessly weaves a cohesive flow of hip hop, indie pop and EDM into a concoction as multi-faceted, enjoyable and musically compelling as his name implies.

Treat your ears to a Mind Walk with the ambassador of curiosity.


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